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Welcome within the Raven's Lair.
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Welcome to the Ravens Lair….Please pull up a chair and let me guide you through the humble abode.

I am Ravenschild, but I answer to many things, including conscience, thought, effort and hope........ * a smile*
You do not believe me? Perhaps you are correct in your analysis of me. Perhaps you seek to know more?

Many years ago our beloved THRUSH masters set up many Satraps around the globe to further our cause, we seek to show you a better way, a way to understand the darker portent of yourselves. In the latter days the agents of the U.N.C.L.E razed our home to the ground, subjecting our scholars and residents to the cruel irony they called justice. But they did not know, could not understand how we differed from those whom they had fought in the shadows for so long. To them the demolition of our home was just another in the long line of rendering THRUSH inoperative.

They did not see that we ourselves had sought the same goal, that THRUSH as they knew it could not survive for world good, that humanity in essence requires vision of the soul and free thought.

Many of our files have be made public, much of our ideology and doctrine disseminated and in this you find only what you want to see. But here, come, I’ll show you, that which you will find here will flatter and humiliate you, will humble you and honor you and in doing so may offer a kind of peace.

Our agents work now to transcribe the events that we knew, many of of whom still exist in your realm. Had I forgotten to tell you??? The house is here and you may walk her halls freely, that as Ravenschild I too exist in my own cloistered realm but outside? I cannot leave here, condemned or rewarded I know not but to remain so close to all that I love….even in my death it is no chore.

The Gallery houses the pictures many taken on surveillance of UNCLE’s top two agents – Illya Kuryakin and Napoleon Solo. Somewhere shrouded in the mists you will find Alexander Waverly and others who helped forge the mighty agency and to them we do pay homage. Artists will add their impressions from time to time. If you wish to add as well please let us know by clicking the email link to our Site administator. or our Archivist and Curator Raven can fix any problems you might have or notice with this site.

You sit now in the welcome room – from here you can see what has kept my mind and spirit occupied through the depths of time. Many strange and varied worlds have been traversed.

Should you visit The Vault beware, many tales of adult nature lurk there, we strongly recommend that you be over 18 years old before venturing upon these tales. Some stories exist here only in excerpt yet where that is indeed the case ordering information for the full zines or links to on line fiction can be found.

Perhaps a visit to The Library would suit you better, the archives shall soon be full of stories and deeds passed down into legend.

At The Gateway you will find a portal to other worlds, realms and fandoms we often visit. Here you will find links and signposts to employ your imagination and mind. For the rest – soon we shall have a lounge where citizens and denizens may sit and chat, in the interim however you can join us over at – please supply an age statement to the list mom before joining however.

Proceed, honored guest….we will be waiting.


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